Adopt a Child for Back 2 School

Each year, through the Lorton Community Action Center (LCAC), Saint James “adopts” local kids and helps them start their school year off right! Consider adopting a child and purchasing a new backpack and school supplies (you can co-adopt with another family here too!). Sign up in the lobby for a specific child, and be sure to take the supply list (pink for 7th grade girl/blue for a 7th grade boy). Supplies are due back to Saint James by Sunday, August 16th. Feel free to include a note for the child and attach the list to the backpack!

7/5 Worship- Sometimes, Transitions Seem Smooth

2 Samuel 5:1-5, 9-10. This week we begin the Challenge of Transitions Series when we talk about how to deal with all kinds of transitions in life. This week we build our message around a seemingly easy transition when David steps into being King officially. Are there clues about this transition in the text that can help us in our own transitions? Was it really that easy? Sunday we’ll wrestle with this story about King David.

6/28 Worship- Jesus’ First Sermon

Mark 1:14-15. I don’t think Jesus did too many things by accident nor did the writers of his story, the good news of Jesus. In the book of Mark, these are the very first words that Jesus spoke. That has to be significant, right? What is the significance of these words and do they tell us something about us as his followers today? Of course they do or I would not be talking about those words this week!

6/14 Worship- What Difference Will We Make?

Mark 4:26-34.  I am not always that good with agrarian images, mostly because I have not historically done well with plants. Jesus, however, is right at home with images drawn from the everyday lives of those working closely with the ground. This week’s passage is one of those where Jesus speaks of the Kingdom of God as being like scattered seeds growing in a field. What things can we learn from Jesus’s images about the  kind of impact we might make in our daily living? This Sunday we’ll try and address that question.

Real Life. Real Church. Real Hope.