2/26 Worship Theme- Transfiguration: Inside-Out and Outside-In

Luke 9:28-36. The journey of faith is a transformative experience that happens from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside. Jesus goes up on a mountain with Peter, James, and John and they experience his “glow.” What does this story mean for us and can we experience the “glow?” Hear about it Sunday.

Six Tuesdays of Centering Prayer Leading to Easter

Beginning Tuesday, March 7, we invite you to join us in the worship center (5200 Fillmore Avenue) on Tuesday nights at 7:00PM for 30 minutes of Centering Prayer, something that Pastor James has described as “sitting with God.”

“But,” you say, “I don’t know what I’m doing.” Pastor James will be in the worship center from 6:30PM until 6:55PM to coach you. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover a new-to-you discipline that might help you connect more deeply with yourself and God, all at once.

Ash Wednesday (March 1)- Remember Who You Are

This year we will do something different for Ash Wednesday! Rather than an end-of-day worship experience, Pastor James will be in the worship center from 6:00AM (yes, in the morning!) until 7:30AM. You can come by to pray, receive communion, and be marked by ashes if you wish, all before heading on to whatever your day holds.

The theme we will explore in preparation for Easter is Remember Who You Are. Ash Wednesday only marks the beginning!

Drop by on your way to work or school or wherever you might be headed to begin your day.

2/19 Worship Theme- Do You Love Me?

John 21:15-19. Immediately following Jesus’ feeding of the disciples by the sea, he turns his attention to Peter. He asks rather pointedly of Peter, “Do you love me?” Jesus, as always, is direct. Here is one of those instances when we overhear a question that could just as easily be for us as for the disciple to whom Jesus speaks. Do you love Jesus? Do I? And if so, how would Jesus or anyone ever know? This Sunday we plunge on in John’s story of Jesus after the resurrection.

2/12 Worship Theme- FishStories: Jesus Feeds the Disciples

John 21:1-14. I am sorry to see the #FishStories series go. I have really enjoyed exploring the fishy stories in the Bible narrative. This week we look at the third story from John in which Jesus appears to his disciples after his resurrection. They’ve gone back to conventional fishing, that is, fishing for actual fish. Jesus cooks a meal and invites them to share. What do we learn that may apply to us this week and in the future? Join us at our new place for worship this Sunday to discover just that! Or, as always, you can join us online.

2/5 Worship Theme- Fish Stories: Wild Abundance

Mark 6:30-44. This Sunday we will look at the story of Jesus feeding 5000+ people with five loaves of bread and two fish- and there were leftovers! What does that #FishStory say about God or about us? What can we learn from this story?

And where will we be learning it? If you’re coming in person, we will be in our new space, 5200 Fillmore Avenue on the West End of Alexandria. It’s 1000 feet from where we’ve been meeting and 500 feet from the “original” Saint James. See you at 11-ish in the worship center!

1/29 Worship Theme- Fish Stories: Jonah and the ‘Big Fish’

Jonah 1. We jump back to the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and look together at the story of a man swallowed by a great, big fish. Now what could a #FishStory like this teach us? Maybe the lesson is to stop swimming in the ocean like the aftermath of the movie, Jaws? I don’t think so!!! I am convinced the Biblical stories we read together (and even those we skip) can teach us something. Jonah is running away. Have you ever sought to run away? Jonah is confronted with the truth. Have you ever been confronted with your truth? See, we’re already getting somewhere. Join us Sunday as we continue the Fish Stories Series.

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