7/20- Isn’t Love Grand?

1 John 4:7-21. Lots of folks love 1 Corinthians 13, the ” love chapter.”   However, this has to be my favorite love section of the Bible because  it speaks to me in different ways about God’s love and ours for one another. After a week in Harlan, Kentucky, I feel that I’ve felt just a bit of this story, this passage come to life… Looking forward to talking about love this week with my peeps at Saint James.

JAM (Jesus and Me) Needs Fall Leaders

JAM (Jesus and Me) will be continuing in the fall. Do you have one Sunday every few weeks that you could share with our youngest Saint Jamesians? This ministry is an active opportunity for kids age 3-6 that will meet during a portion of worship (kids leave worship during the 4th song). The material is active and engaging. Each week we will have a leader and a helper. See Ashley Cox teacherequalstudent4life@yahoo.com for more information!

7/13 Worship- Discerning Spirits

1 John 4:1-6. What an interesting and challenging text this is! In a letter that spends most of its space extolling the virtues of love for God and for neighbor, this section may seem a bit out of place. However, when we realize that a big piece of being a Jesus-follower is making our way through the myriad of points of view regarding what it means to be Christian, it makes sense to warn us to think and test carefully what comes our way. We are meant to use that 3 pound organ between our ears. Come and think with us in worship this Sunday.

Adopt a Child for Back 2 School

Each year, through the Lorton Community Action Center (LCAC), Saint James “adopts” local kids and helps them start their school year off right!  Consider adopting a child and purchasing a new backpack and school supplies (you can co-adopt with another family here too!). Sign up in the lobby for a specific child, and be sure to take the corresponding supply list.  Supplies are due back to Saint James by Sunday, August 10th.  Don’t forget to attach the list to the backpack!

Help Needed — Feeding local Seniors

Saturday, July 26th is our next opportunity to feed local seniors at the Ladrey House, 300 Wythe Avenue in Old Towne.  Join other folks from Saint James as we pack and deliver food to homebound seniors! Plan to arrive at Ladrey House (plenty of street parking) by 8:30am, and you should be finished by 11am!  See Linda Patterson, or email her at Linda@sjumc.net for more info.

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