4/23 Worship Theme- The Jesus Appearance

John 20:19-31. The Sunday following Easter is often called “low Sunday” by churchy insiders, mainly because after the big surge of folks on Easter, there is usually a “lull” on the following Sunday. Personally, I don’t think it is low at all. We get to keep talking about the power of life, of living, of Resurrection in our midst! This weekend we will talk about Jesus appearing to his disciples as we seek to build the bridge to our next sermon series entitled Making Connections All Around. Join us for the Jesus Appearance this Sunday

Easter Weekend Worship!

This is a great weekend to rejoice in our Christian faith:

Good Friday Worship. We begin the weekend with Good Friday Worship on Friday evening at 7:30PM in our worship center. We cannot get to the new life of Easter without traveling through the death that Friday brings. Join us as we ponder the meaning of Jesus’ death.

Easter Sunrise Worship. Just as the women did on the first day of the week after Jesus had died, we will gather to worship on the Saint James campus grounds at 6:30AM as the sun rises marking the new day, Easter! It is a simple worship with a few songs, message about new life, and communion. We’ll stand together outside (or you can bring your lawn chair if you would like to sit down). Start your morning/week/year/year with a renewal of your commitment to Life, the same commitment God made obvious in the resurrection.

Easter Celebration Worship. Every Sunday we celebrate the resurrection by gathering for worship at 11:00AM. This week we celebrate the day that began it all- including the inspiration for the early Jesus-followers to focus worship on Sunday, not Saturday.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

Children’s Easter Eggs-stravaganza

Get ready and excited for our Easter Saturday activities! There will be a bounce house, crafts, snack, egg hunt and a bible story. If you would like to help with set-up or clean up, please email Hannah, Hannah@sjumc.net. Save the date: Saturday, April 15th from 11:30am to 1pm, invite your friends AND neighbors! Download the flyer here, or pick one up in the lobby to take home and invite a neighbor!

4/14 Good Friday!

Good Friday has always seemed a misnomer to me. It is the day we celebrate the death of Jesus. The explanation I always received could be summarized as “good for us, bad for Jesus.” I find such an oversimplification unsatisfactory. However, we will celebrate Good Friday worship on April 14 at 7:30PM in the worship center. We will reflect together on the impact of Jesus’ death on us and seek meaning in the midst of this day that has a rather despairing theme. Can we grab for the hope and inspiration in Jesus’ willingness to die? Join us on Good Friday for thoughts regarding the crucifixion and who we are because of it.

4/2 Worship Theme- Let’s Get Together!

Some of you may recognize “Let’s Get Together” as the name of a song sung by the Hayley Mills “twins” in The Parent Trap (original 1961 Disney version). The movie (remade in 1998 with a young Lindsay Lohan in the leading role) revolves around twins separated nearly at birth by their divorcing parents, each of whom takes one of the girls. The twins meet quite by accident at the same summer camp and hatch a plot to bring the divorced parents back together.

It seems to me there are some key lessons about church to be gleaned from the theme of “getting together,” more often cited as “building community.” Is there anything to be said for “community” that can help us connect with our personal and gathered identities at Saint James? We will turn to the Bible and the wisdom of the “twins” to draw some lessons for personal growth and connection today.

Saint James- Anchor Leg of District Prayer

We start the week-long Alexandria District prayer vigil on Sunday night at midnight and continuing until 2:00AM Monday. Pastor James will be in the worship center starting at 11:45PM Sunday, April 2. All are invited to come by to pray during that two hour window of time or pray in place. Come and pray for as long (or short) as you would like. As we are ending, other churches in the district will pick up the “baton” and pray throughout the week in two hour increments.

Real Life. Real Church. Real Hope.