• Together, figuring out what it means to be Jesus-followers. We are open to all people joining us in the discovery of our place in God’s world.


    We're Casual

    You don't need a suit and tie...but we won't judge you if that's how you roll! Some of us enjoy dressing up and others enjoy the feel of flip-flops.

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    We meet Sunday at 11:00am
    at 5200 Fillmore Avenue
    Alexandria, Virginia 22311
    *by NOVA in Alexandria

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    By God's grace, we are able to stream our entire Sunday morning worship service online. Tune in every Sunday morning at 11am.

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    James Henry Senior Pastor
    James sees his calling in the area of teaching, coaching/mentoring others in their faith journey, and sharing his passion for Jesus with others.
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    Call ‘Em as He Sees ‘Em

    Mark 10:17-22. Jesus spent somewhere between one and three years teaching the people, proclaiming the Kingdom, and healing the sick. He got requests and questions from all sides; in this story,…

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    The Incarnation

    The title of the sermon last week was: Jesus was Seriously Human. The point being that an all-powerful God, Creator of the universe, “pitched his tent” as a mere mortal…

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    Knowing God Through Suffering

    Today we started a new sermon series on getting to know Jesus. James read from Philippians 3: 7-11. Philippians is a letter written by Paul. In this passage, he clarifies…

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    Essential Callings

    Today James started a new series on calling. He told the story of two midwives, Shiphrah and Puah, who disobeyed an order from the King of Egypt to kill all…

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