Serving Lunch to Folks in Need

What are you doing on Saturday, December 27th? How about helping to feed folks in need? We need no more than 10 folks to help serve lunch at SOME (So Others Might Eat). We will meet at Saint James by 9:45am and will be finished at 1:15pm. Dress comfortably, bring a baseball hat, and be prepared to be on your feet for our time at SOME. Sign up in the Lobby. You must be 13 to help out! See Linda Patterson or Bill McNaught for more info!

12/19 Worship- Covering All the Bases

1 Corinthians 12:12-27.  “God’s generosity” invites each of us to “make our mark” and thereby “leave a legacy.” Watching football, I often hear the commentators talking about a coach’s philosophy. When I look to bring together the series we’ve been pursuing, I am wondering about God’s philosophy; I see it play out in the  Corinthians passage. God wants to cover all the bases (I know it’s a baseball metaphor!). We’ll talk about that this weekend in worship.

10/12 Worship- Leave a Legacy

Last week we talked about “making a mark.” This week we move on to talk about what it looks like to leave a legacy. What is it of us that will carry forward, that will remain after we are gone? We are taking a look at David, a shepherd boy and general and king. When  think of David I am reminded that chasing after God’s heart doesn’t require my being perfect, that I am broken just like David, and that my legacy is not predicated on being perfect.  So what legacy are you leaving?

Dinner Anyone?

Would you like to develop some deeper relationships with other folks at Saint James?  We are exploring the possibility of setting up some dinner teams (6-8 folks) with the plan to gather for dinner (out or at homes), spend some time talking about a topic, and growing deeper in our relationships.  Groups would plan to gather every 3 weeks or so.  Interested in being a part of a group?  See Linda or contact her at

Sharing our Gratitude at Thanksgiving

You can help a family have an opportunity to be thankful this year by sharing out of your gratitude. Help LCAC feed more than 400 families this year at Thanksgiving by donating a $25 grocery gift card to Food Lion or Shoppers, or a turkey for a military family.

We can also use a couple of teams of folks to deliver Thanksgiving baskets to our senior/disabled families.  If you are interested, contact Linda Patterson, if you have questions.

9/28 Worship- God Is Generous Beyond Imagination

I’ve been thinking a lot about God (an occupational hazard I suppose) but so have most of you. When I think about how my life intersects with God’s, where I encounter God in my daily life, I am drawn to one word: generous! There are very few moments when I am not experiencing the blanket of God’s grace. What about you? Sunday, we will look for the places where we might know and see God.

Real Life. Real Church. Real Hope.