5/22 Worship Theme- Mystery

Sunday is “Trinity Sunday” on the Christian calendar. I have been thinking a lot about this “trinity” idea the church developed over the last 2000 years. It doesn’t make sense. Don’t get me wrong; I could write a multi-page paper describing what this doctrine means. But I think the idea of Trinity is more than merely an academic idea and could even lend itself to everyday living. Still, I think it is worth talking about this Sunday. Join us Sunday and we’ll add a little mystery to your life!

Food Collection for Annual Conference

On Thursday, June 16th, James and Linda will be headed to Roanoke for Annual Conference, the annual meeting of Virginia United Methodists. We’d like to take non-perishable food to help fill Feeding America Southwest. Please consider bringing 1 or 2 items for James and Linda to carry to conference. We are looking for cereal, rice, peanut butter, or easy open cans (pop-tops for homeless individuals). All donations should be brought to Saint James by Sunday, June 12th.

Helping Mr. Greene

SJUMC Rebuilding (6 of 121)

Saint James would like to help Mr. Greene over the long term, not just the one day of Rebuilding Together. Here’s what we he needs:
(1) Someone to paint around the edges of the shed that we just repaired.
(2) Folks to mow his yard on a regular basis (so it doesn’t look like the this anymore!)
Want to help out? Email Linda@sjumc.net to let her know how you can help!

5/8 Worship Theme- Take a Good Stretch

Acts 10:1-21. Simon Peter was certain he knew the rules of being a Jesus-follower. He had, after all, finally found his voice and had begun to represent the fledgling followers as leader and spokesperson (at least one of the leaders). There is always a danger when one thinks they know how things work because sometimes that is only the beginning. This week we will discover this has become the truth for Simon Peter. Have any of us at some point become certain we had the answers only to discover there was more? Let’s listen for Peter will teach us this week.

5/1 Worship Theme- Finding Healing

Acts 3:1-16. There has been much hype over time about healing in the church. Some faith healers seem like nothing more than “snake-oil sellers.” When we talk about healing, when we pray for healing, when we imagine what healing is, what do we mean? Do we mean something along the lines of a surgical intervention by God without the actual physical surgery? Do we mean for God to guide the hands of the helping professionals in the treatment and care of the person about whom we are praying? This Sunday we are going to talk a bit about healing and what we might mean when we say it as church and perhaps even how we might each find God’s healing in our own lives.