7/17 Worship Theme- Sometimes You Get What You Ask For

Job 31:35-37; 38:1-11.  After many days of calling out to God, of demanding a face-to-face, Job gets what he asked for. God shows up for the that conversation.  And we get to overhear the conversation! What will we learn about who God is and how we can related to God from this interaction? You’ll have to wait until this Sunday to discover that. Join us online or in person at 11-ish on Sunday morning.

Partnering with Springdale House

Wesley Housing operates a 6 person group home near us! We would like to “adopt” this home and help out the residents with cleaning of the common areas, celebrate their birthdays and holidays with them. Interested in meeting new folks who could use our help? Sign up on the sheet to help our new friends at Springdale (right off Lacy Boulevard). We will be working at Springdale on Saturday, August 13th. Contact Linda with questions, Linda@sjumc.net and to sign up to help! It will be fun and help these wonderful seniors!!

Back to School for Wesley Housing

Saint James will be partnering with Wesley Housing to provide middle school backpacks. If you are willing to donated $28 to purchase a middle school pack, or purchase the following items for a middle school pack, please sign up on the sheet at the welcome table or email Linda. We will need someone to drop off items on Monday, August 22nd. If you can be our drop off captain, let Linda know, Linda@sjumc.net. To access the list, click here!

7/10 Worship Theme- When You Reach the Pit, Every Way is Up. Right?

Job 14:7-15; 19:23-27. Things are bad for our hero, Job. After suffering great loss, Job has three friends show up to console him; consolation turns into irritation and then to accusation. With friends like this, who needs enemies? This week we see Job reach the end of rope but not give up. What is the meaning of this life? That will be our focus on Sunday!

7/3 Worship Theme- An Anguished Job…

Job 3:1-10; 4:1-9; 7:11-21.  Sometimes when bad things happen, we “wish” we had never been born! We are definitely not interested in hearing easy answers or false “words of comfort.” We must struggle on our own and work through it. But starting out with deep frustration and struggle and questioning God and maybe everyone else, now that is perfectly natural. This week we talk about dealing with struggle and disappointment.

6/26 Worship Theme- And So It Begins…

Job 1:1-22. The story of Job is the story of struggle, suffering, self-discovery, God-discovery, and change. It is not an easy story and often folks try to sum in up in simple sentences like “the suffering of Job” or the “patience of Job” though he doesn’t seem particularly patient to me. This week we will tackle the beginnings of this story and the scene that it sets. It is helpful when we are looking at a story to understand who the players are and backdrop of the story. Suffering and struggle are challenging for us to get our minds around so this week will be the first of six weeks looking for God in all of life’s nooks and crannies.