9/14 Worship- Is the Lord with you?

Genesis 39. Joseph has been sold into slavery by his brothers (and you think you have challenges with your siblings!). He finds himself in Egypt and working in the house of a powerful Egyptian. Certainly this is not where Joseph expected he’d end up. I guess he could’ve given up- from Dad’s favorite son to slave in Egypt. There are certainly simple lessons of perseverance we could glean from this story but what do we need to hear from this story now? Find out Sunday!

Help Needed — Feeding local Seniors

Next Saturday is our next opportunity to feed local seniors at the Ladrey House, 300 Wythe Avenue in Old Town. Join other folks from Saint James as we pack and deliver food to homebound seniors! Plan to arrive at Ladrey House (plenty of street parking) by 8:30am, and you should be finished by 11am! See Linda Patterson, or email her at Linda@sjumc.net for more info.

8/17 Worship- Dare to Act

Ruth 3. There is a lot going on in our world. I see it in my twitter feed and hear it on the radio. I often wonder if there isn’t a “solution” to “all this mess,” some way to fix all the dysfunction and sadness I see.  It isn’t long before I am overwhelmed and determined to keep my head low and go through the motions: get up, shower, eat, go to the office, work, go home, eat, sleep, repeat.

Then I read a story like that of Ruth. No booming God from the mountain, no burning bush, or Red Sea parting. Two widows, one a stranger in the land, trying to make it. God’s grace happens in small ways: in the Law, in the kindness of a stranger, in the interdependence of Ruth and Naomi. In “daring to act” in everyday little ways, God’s goodness breaks in to daily living.  That will be what we talk about on Sunday.

Real Life. Real Church. Real Hope.