Christmas Eve: Join Us at 7:00PM or 11:00PM

We love celebrating Christmas at Saint James and hope you’ll join us at one of our Christmas Eve worship times- either 7:00PM or 11:00PM. There will be candlelight and communion and, of course, singing our favorite Christmas carols and a message about Jesus’ birth!

Children are welcome with us in worship and childcare is available at the 7:00 worship if you prefer!

12/21 Worship- Finding God through our Tears

Matthew 2:13-23. The “pleasant” title often given this section of Matthew is called the “slaughter of the innocents.” Yes, it’s a delightful designation. The story is not pretty but it is real. What can such a horrible story tell us about God and who we are in God’s story? Ponder this question and join us for worship on Sunday as Pastor James shares his thoughts.

Thank you for Helping Families at Christmas

Christmas picture

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Your generosity allowed Saint James to help 12 families (24 children and 6 seniors) with almost $700 in gift cards and more than 44 toys, all valued at more than $1,000. Saint James will also be providing Kevin with a food card to Trader Joe’s (his favorite place to shop) and some movie tickets through your discretionary fund. Giving to these families in distress allows them to know that someone is praying for them and loves them. Thank you for being Jesus to a stranger!

Serving Lunch to Folks in Need

What are you doing on Saturday, December 27th? How about helping to feed folks in need? We still need a few folks to help serve lunch at SOME (So Others Might Eat). We will meet at Saint James by 9:45am and will be finished at 1:15pm. Dress comfortably, bring a baseball hat, and be prepared to be on your feet for our time at SOME. Sign up in the Lobby. You must be 13 to help out! See Linda Patterson or Bill McNaught for more info!

12/14 Worship: Finding God Above Our Heads

Matthew 2:1-12. There is a certain wonder in the season leading up to Christmas. There is an anticipation as well. This weeks story jumps past the birth of Jesus to the arrival of strangers from far away, strangers who have come to honor Jesus. They saw Jesus’ star in the sky. In this “crazy busy,” and sometimes just “crazy” world we live in, we are looking for God. What are the signs that this Jesus will come to us again in wonder? This Sunday we will seek this answers, much as I suspect these wandering wonderers were seeking long ago.

12/7- Finding God in Our Disappointments

Matthew 1:18-21. Have you ever been disappointed? (If you haven’t ever been disappointed, you can skip this sermon.) I can say that I have been disappointed in myself, in others, in the way people treat each other, by the stuff I didn’t get and even by the stuff I did  get! I think disappointment is a part of being alive, and the big question for me as a person of faith is, “if disappointment is a part of being alive, how/where can I find God in the disappointments?” We are looking at Joseph (Jesus’ dad, Mary’s fiance/husband) and clues for the disappointment conundrum this week.

JAM Team Needs Your Help!

Helping a child at Saint James learn to feel God’s love is critical.  We are in need of adults willing to be a part of this ministry (assistants and TEACHERS). Without some additional adults, we will need to put JAM on a winter hiatus. Will you consider giving up a worship time (you can watch the recorded version of the message at home!) once each month to teach a child about Jesus’ love?  Click here to see the JAM schedule.

11/30- Finding God among the Nomads and Nobodies

Matthew 1:1-17. Many people are very interested in their ancestors,  where they came from. Those folks spend year constructing and discovering their genealogies. Perhaps knowing where we came from might tell us more about who we are. This is no different for the writer of Matthew. This writing begins with Jesus’ pedigree and for Matthew, it is a theological statement. This week we begin our Journey into Christmas with a look at the Nomads and Nobodies from Jesus’ past!