6/26 Worship Theme- And So It Begins…

Job 1:1-22. The story of Job is the story of struggle, suffering, self-discovery, God-discovery, and change. It is not an easy story and often folks try to sum in up in simple sentences like “the suffering of Job” or the “patience of Job” though he doesn’t seem particularly patient to me. This week we will tackle the beginnings of this story and the scene that it sets. It is helpful when we are looking at a story to understand who the players are and backdrop of the story. Suffering and struggle are challenging for us to get our minds around so this week will be the first of six weeks looking for God in all of life’s nooks and crannies.

Partnering with Springdale House

Wesley Housing operates a 6 person group home near us! We would like to “adopt” this home and help out the residents with cleaning of the common areas, celebrate their birthdays and holidays with them. Interested in meeting new folks who could use our help? Sign up on the sheet to help our new friends at Springdale (right off Lacy Boulevard).¬†Contact Linda with questions, Linda@sjumc.net.

Back to School for Wesley Housing

Saint James will be partnering with Wesley Housing to provide middle school backpacks. If you are willing to donated $28 to purchase a middle school pack, or purchase the following items for a middle school pack, please sign up on the sheet at the welcome table or email Linda. We will need someone to drop off items on Monday, August 22nd. If you can be our drop off captain, let Linda know, Linda@sjumc.net. To access the list, click here!

6/12 Worship Theme- Live the Full Life

Luke 19:1-10. We have explored how perfectionism leads to procrastination, self-loathing, constant judging of self and others, and other personal challenges. We wondered together if understanding our identity and our mission would help us move beyond perfectionism. This week we close out our series with a conversation about living the life, being set free through our connection with Jesus, and his “no-need-to-be-perfect” calling. Come join us or listen in online!

Food Collection for Annual Conference is Due Sunday!

On Thursday, June 16th, James and Linda will be headed to Roanoke for Annual Conference, the annual meeting of Virginia United Methodists. We’d like to take non-perishable food to help fill Feeding America Southwest. Please consider bringing 1 or 2 items for James and Linda to carry to conference. We are looking for cereal, rice, peanut butter, or easy open cans (pop-tops for homeless individuals). All donations should be brought to Saint James by THIS Sunday!

6/5 Worship Theme- Who Are You? What’s Your Mission?

Last week we wondered together how we ever got to a point of believing that God expected us to be perfect. We wondered further about our own striving after perfection, an unattainable goal. God saw all of creation and said, “Good.” Even “very good.” The question becomes what can we appropriately expect from ourselves and how do we steer clear of perfectionism? This week we will talk about understanding ourselves through the eyes of God and being who God would have us be.