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8/13 Worship Theme- Step Out in Faith

Matthew 14:22-33. Living in faith is a challenge; anyone who says otherwise is selling something. Yet, as daunting as it may seem we are called to step out in faith, to live in faith, to be shaped by faith. The story we are looking at together this week is the story of a BIG step in faith, a “walking on water” story. What do we learn from this story of Peter’s daring and Jesus’ call on our lives? Join us Sunday to discover that!

7/30 Worship Theme- Little is the New Big…

Matthew 13:31-33. Sometimes I hear that the church is the world (especially the United States) is shrinking, that fewer people are coming to worship and following in the way of Jesus. It can sound fairly discouraging until I realize that Jesus implies that it only takes a little bit to make a big difference. What can we learn from these two parables that might matter to us for our everyday living? Join us Sunday as we wonder about it together.

Young Adults Continue Mark

Tuesday night, July 11, the young adults will gather again at the Mission House at 8:00PM to study/contemplate/discuss/challenge the book of Mark. We are still in in the first chapter so it is not too late to join us in this conversation! Does the story of Jesus in Mark apply to our lives today? How might we live and make it more a part of who we are and what we are doing? Late teens and twenty-somethings- feel free to join us.

6/25 Worship Theme- Checking In

Linda, my wife, and I recently got back from a trip to the Southwest. There was a lot of “checking in”- at airports, into hotels, with family, on Facebook. It seems like “checking in” is now an everyday part of our lives. With whom do you find yourself “checking in?” Is it on social media? Is it with family or friends? Is it with God? Just what does it mean to check-in and do we spend more time checking in or are we really spending time checking out? That is what we’re talking about on Sunday.