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6/25 Worship Theme- Checking In

Linda, my wife, and I recently got back from a trip to the Southwest. There was a lot of “checking in”- at airports, into hotels, with family, on Facebook. It seems like “checking in” is now an everyday part of our lives. With whom do you find yourself “checking in?” Is it on social media? Is it with family or friends? Is it with God? Just what does it mean to check-in and do we spend more time checking in or are we really spending time checking out? That is what we’re talking about on Sunday.

6/18 Worship Theme- Strength in Challenging Times

“Things” happen every day. I am specifically thinking of those things that challenge us, that “push our buttons,” that create anxiety for us. Sometimes those happenings are in the larger world around us (the shooting here in Alexandria this week or an explosion in a crowded market in Tehran) and sometimes those happenings are changes in our own life situations. What are we to do in those times and how will we indeed find strength for the challenging times. This weekend we will try and explore those kinds of issues in our worship setting.

Bridge Building at Springdale House

The residents of Springdale House are eager to reconnect with their Saint James friends! We’re in the process of making ongoing plans and forming a team for a variety of activities. Some of their suggestions are below. You don’t need to participate in all activities to be a Bridge Builder. Planned dates will likely be on Saturdays. Please sign up in the lobby or talk to Ann Patterson if interested (cell 703-407-0958,

1. Another house cleaning of public areas (kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, etc.)
2. Yard work – they need help trimming tree branches and shrubs on the property
3. They could greatly use donations of a vacuum, mop and/or toaster oven
4. Field trips – picnics, museums, fishing, sightseeing (they are open to other ideas); we will need to provide all transportation to whatever activities are planned
5. Cookout
6. Gardening – they have an area for a vegetable garden on the property and would welcome companions to spend time together planting and tending the garden this summer.

4/30 Worship Theme- Making Connections: Self

“Networking” is all about making connections and everyone is encouraged to network. This “networking thing is nothing new. What if it is wired into us, it is the very core of who God created us to be, to make connections? This week we begin a series about Making Connections and talk about how we can maintain healthy relationships all around. We begin with how we connect more deeply with ourselves.

Saint James- Anchor Leg of District Prayer

We start the week-long Alexandria District prayer vigil on Sunday night at midnight and continuing until 2:00AM Monday. Pastor James will be in the worship center starting at 11:45PM Sunday, April 2. All are invited to come by to pray during that two hour window of time or pray in place. Come and pray for as long (or short) as you would like. As we are ending, other churches in the district will pick up the “baton” and pray throughout the week in two hour increments.