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8/13 Worship Theme- Step Out in Faith

Matthew 14:22-33. Living in faith is a challenge; anyone who says otherwise is selling something. Yet, as daunting as it may seem we are called to step out in faith, to live in faith, to be shaped by faith. The story we are looking at together this week is the story of a BIG step in faith, a “walking on water” story. What do we learn from this story of Peter’s daring and Jesus’ call on our lives? Join us Sunday to discover that!

Back to School for Wesley Housing Kids

Saint James is partnering with Wesley Housing to provide Elementary school children with school supplies for the fall. You can be involved in one of two ways: (1) donate $26 which will buy the supplies for one child–note B2S on your check or your donation online; (2) pick up the list in the lobby or download here and purchase the items and return them to Saint James. Checks and supplies need to be received by August 20th! Questions? Talk to Linda, We will need helpers to drop off at Wesley Housing on Monday, August 21st.

Bridge Building at Springdale House

The residents of Springdale House are eager to reconnect with their Saint James friends! We’re in the process of making ongoing plans and forming a team for a variety of activities. We have several dates (Saturday’s in August and early September) where we will help the residents clean up their common areas, do some yard work and then share dessert.  Please sign up in the lobby or talk to Ann Patterson if interested,

Young Adults Continue Mark

Tuesday night, July 11, the young adults will gather again at the Mission House at 8:00PM to study/contemplate/discuss/challenge the book of Mark. We are still in in the first chapter so it is not too late to join us in this conversation! Does the story of Jesus in Mark apply to our lives today? How might we live and make it more a part of who we are and what we are doing? Late teens and twenty-somethings- feel free to join us.

4/30 Worship Theme- Making Connections: Self

“Networking” is all about making connections and everyone is encouraged to network. This “networking thing is nothing new. What if it is wired into us, it is the very core of who God created us to be, to make connections? This week we begin a series about Making Connections and talk about how we can maintain healthy relationships all around. We begin with how we connect more deeply with ourselves.