Worship: Can We Talk?

The last time I remember anyone saying “Can we talk?” to me, it wasn’t a good conversation. Someone called those words “the kiss of death.” In the case of prayer, I want to call them the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Prayer can become a connecting point for each of us, with God and with one another. Come and hear about prayer as we begin a short series Conversations.

Worship: When the Going Gets Tough…

John 6:56-69. Maybe not everyone is cut out to follow Jesus? ¬†Certainly that is not the premise under which I’ve been operating for all the years I’ve been trying to follow. I regularly make it clear that following is not easy; that truth is not lost on me. ¬†I’ll be working on figuring out what this means in the coming days… read the passage and throw your thoughts in a comment.

Worship: Looking for Signs

John 4:46-54. It’s not always clear what we’re looking for when we seek a connection with God in Jesus. When we’re driving on the highway, it’s all about paying attention to the signs to get where we’re going. This week we’ll take a look at this story of Jesus performing a miracle, a “sign.” Maybe it’ll help us figure out some of the signs in our own lives.

New 9:30 Seminars

Starting Sunday, February 9, we will begin offering short Sunday morning seminars on a variety of topics.

  • February 9- March 16 (6 weeks). Prayer. (Read the article) There is a book involved that we read chapter by chapter.
  • March 30- April 13 (3 weeks). What Do I Believe?
  • April 27- May 18 (4 weeks). Forgiveness Seminar.

Anyone is welcome to join these conversations. We are open to variety of perspectives and respect each person’s viewpoint.