4/26 Worship- Jesus Appears and Gives Instruction

John 20:19-23. Jesus shows up to his disciples that same day of resurrection. What Mary said, “I have seen the Lord,” becomes the truth for most of the rest of the disciples. Given the brevity of this appearance, Jesus is terse in his instructions. What do those instructions tell us about priorities for us today? That’s our topic Sunday. Join us in person or online!

Sunday Morning Classes: No More

It would appear based on participation in the Sunday morning classes that one of two things is not working: the timing or the topics  (maybe a combo?). Our next scheduled seminar series is the previously VERY popular Forgiveness Seminar and we are moving it off of Sunday mornings to Tuesday nights. For the time being that means that we will focus our energies Sundays on worship and try our hand at weekday evening seminars/classes.

Additionally, we will be trying “in-person” seminars and online seminars (utilizing the newly popular Google Hangouts). Sign ups for the next seminar will be available soon.

4/6 Worship: Behold the Man

John 19:1-16. Jesus is on trial for his life. Everything, it would seem, hangs in the balance.  What can we learn that might help us 2000 years later? Of course we can focus on any of the characters at this point in the story: Jesus, Pilate, the Jewish leaders. Last week we spent time with Pilate and Jesus. Maybe this week we look at the Jewish leaders and Jesus? Let’s see where this story takes us!