9/28 Worship- God Is Generous Beyond Imagination

I’ve been thinking a lot about God (an occupational hazard I suppose) but so have most of you. When I think about how my life intersects with God’s, where I encounter God in my daily life, I am drawn to one word: generous! There are very few moments when I am not experiencing the blanket of God’s grace. What about you? Sunday, we will look for the places where we might know and see God.

9/14 Worship- Is the Lord with you?

Genesis 39. Joseph has been sold into slavery by his brothers (and you think you have challenges with your siblings!). He finds himself in Egypt and working in the house of a powerful Egyptian. Certainly this is not where Joseph expected he’d end up. I guess he could’ve given up- from Dad’s favorite son to slave in Egypt. There are certainly simple lessons of perseverance we could glean from this story but what do we need to hear from this story now? Find out Sunday!