11/30- Finding God among the Nomads and Nobodies

Matthew 1:1-17. Many people are very interested in their ancestors,  where they came from. Those folks spend year constructing and discovering their genealogies. Perhaps knowing where we came from might tell us more about who we are. This is no different for the writer of Matthew. This writing begins with Jesus’ pedigree and for Matthew, it is a theological statement. This week we begin our Journey into Christmas with a look at the Nomads and Nobodies from Jesus’ past!

11/23- This Is How We Roll: Love

1 Corinthians 13. It goes without saying that one of our core values is love. You may be saying to yourself, “Not another ‘love’ sermon!” The word is overused in our everyday lives (or is it?) and we love everything from our cars to our television shows. So what is love anyway and how will it find a way into our lives? What’s love got to do with it? Sunday, we will give love a shot!

Thank you for the Warmth!

Amazing! 65 coats, 20 pair of socks and more than 35 new hats (thanks to Janis Lenderman for knitting a lot of hats)! The collection is valued at more than $1,000 to help families keep warm. All of this is wonderful, but the real joy was seeing the looks of the faces of those who received coats and were thankful. Just ask Randi Mack, Ann Patterson, Sharon Pendergast or James Henry what families said about the coats and their impact!

11/9- This Is How We Roll: Integrity

Daniel 1:8-17.  Last week we talked about transparency. This week we are moving forward to  integrity.  Integrity is about consistency of action, it is about living a “whole” life. This week’s Bible story is about four young men taken into exile. A foreign culture presses these four men to adopt its ways. I see integrity in their push back to maintain their identity. This Sunday we will take a look at integrity.