Get Your Pancakes On! February 22 at 12:15PM

We were not delighted to have to postpone the Pancake Dinner but safety came first! Well, now pancakes are coming immediately after worship (or pretty close) on Sunday, February 22 at 12:15PM in the  fellowship hall! Join us for pancakes! If you weren’t signed up already, just let us know you’re coming so we can be sure to have enough waiting! Email

HeartReady: A New Sermon Series

I’ve been hearing a lot over these last several years about getting heart healthy. A healthy heart seems kind of important to live a full life. Well, I am coming to think that living a full life, a whole life, involves getting our hearts ready. How do we do that? Over the five weeks beginning March 1, we will look at developing practices that will get us more HeartReady:  Fast, Pray, Serve, Forgive, Live. We hope you’ll join us on this journey of faith toward Easter!

2/22 Worship- Living a Better Story: Conflict and Transformation

2 Corinthians 11:23-30; 12:8-10. We have been exploring how we might live a better story, perhaps a “stronger” story. We’ve been learning from the life of David about his various challenges. To close out the series, we are taking a quick look at a guy named Paul from the early church. If the point of any story is character transformation, conflict is the catalyst. The development of our character is directly proportional to our response to conflict. This weekend, we tackle conflict and transformation with an eye to a new series about getting HeartReady!

[Still Happening] Ash Wednesday Drop-In Worship from 5:30PM-7:00PM

I wanted to clarify tonight’s worship and let you know that it is still happening. The sidewalks are clear and dry; the parking lot has been partially plowed -a neighbor had chosen to park in the lot so part of the lot was skipped.

As regards the worship style, there will be meditative music playing beginning at 5:30PM. You may arrive at any time in the 1-1/2 hour window of time to pray, receive communion, and receive ashes on your forehead, all at your own pace and timing. Pastor James will be there to serve communion, pray with you (if you would like), and “impose” ashes on your forehead.

BTW, thanks Monica for asking about tonight’s format- I think it helps to clarify for everyone!

2/15 Worship- Living a Better Story: Ambitions

1 Samuel 24:1-7. What are your ambitions? I ask because sometimes our ambitions tell us more about our story than anything else. David has ambitions, ones that seem to be affirmed by God. Will he do anything to attain those ambitions? Will we? What is the right thing to do and how can we be certain our ambitions align with what God might want for us? We will talk about it Sunday in worship.