3/22 Worship- HeartReady: Forgive

Over the years this topic has struck home with the widest group of folks to whom I’ve spoken. Lives are sometimes shaped by forgiveness or the lack thereof. We struggle to forgive ourselves, people who we perceive have wronged us, or even God. It is challenging in the other direction to admit when we are wrong and seek forgiveness from others. Healthy relationships with God and one another are predicated on forgiveness. That sounds true but where do we go for the clues about how to do this. This week expect no trivial, throw-away answers; forgiveness is not easy for any of us.

We are in the homestretch with the HeartReady Series with one two sermons including this Sunday’s. Join us as we think about what is important for our God-connection and our people-connections.

3/15 Worship- HeartReady: Service

John 13:1-18. This Bible passage is interesting reading. Jesus washes his disciples’ feet! Anyone familiar with many modern leaders would hardly expect this kind of behavior. However, when I read this passage about Jesus I have the sense that this is exactly the behavior Jesus advocates for all of our lives and especially for leaders. This Sunday we will talk about what it means to follow in this way of Jesus.

Easter Egg Hunt is Just Around the Corner!

What is it about finding eggs (with goodies inside) that makes you think spring is really here?!  Bring your children (with baskets or bags in tow) to Saint James on Sunday, March 29th.  After worship and brunch, we will have the Egg hunt (around 1pm). Bring a friend to worship, stay for brunch AND then have some fun celebrating God’s love in a fun egg hunt.  Sign up in the lobby or email Linda Patterson Linda@sjumc.net to register!


Help Us through Our Survey

Would you take a few minutes to fill out our online survey? If you come to Saint James (or watch online), we are asking that you help us out by answering 10 questions. We are evaluating our current ministries, what we do, and how we worship; we are wondering what you think! So here is the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SNWGBX9

If you already received this through the email update or filled out the paper version at worship this past Sunday, you can ignore the link because you’ve already done the survey. Otherwise, thanks for your help! (The survey closes in just a few days so please do it now.)

Time Is Changing. The Clocks Are Anyway…

That’s right. This weekend we change our clocks, moving them forward and hence “losing” an hour of sleep Sunday morning. But what you lose in sleep can be gained in worshiping God and connecting with one another! (I can almost hear the excited cheers on the other end of this posting.) Reset your clocks Saturday before bedtime so you won’t miss worshiping on Sunday!

3/8 Worship- HeartReady:Fasting

Matthew 4:1-11. “Fasting? Really, we’re gonna be talking about ‘fasting?'” That may very well be your response to this week’s topic. Interestingly as I spent the week looking over various resources, more than 90% of what I found on the internet and elsewhere was about losing weight or physical ‘cleansing.’ No wonder people would find the topic of fasting uninteresting. However, fasting is a time honored tradition for people of faith that has been about honoring God. Fasting can be about deepening our sense of connection and growing our relationship with God, and so, for that reason we’ve chosen to talk about it as part of the HeartReady series. Come and join us as we look at this topic and you may be surprised.

YouTube Channel Up

People have been requesting the videos of the messages. Of course, you can generally watch the archives of our entire worship experiences on our Ustream feed but what if you’re just trying a catch a message you missed? What about sharing a message/sermon with a friend?  Well now we have a YouTube channel and starting the archiving from January 2015, so far we have the “What Does God Want Series,” the “Living a Better Story Series,” and are in the middle of the “HeartReady Series.” Take a look and share if you’d like!

Serving Others through ASP

ASP, or Appalachian Service Project, meets people where they are, and helps to repair or refurbish homes, addressing safety issues, among other needs (ramps, steps). Last year, Saint James sent a team of six to Kentucky and worked on three houses. This year, Saint James and Arlington Temple will be going July 18-25th in North Carolina. You must be a minimum of 14 years old to be a part of our team, and have the ability to work outside refurbishing homes. Cost for the week is still being worked out. If you are interested in being a part of this mission outreach, please see Linda Patterson or email Linda@sjumc.net. Please pray for the team we will put together and the impact it will have on those we will serve!

Worship Today, March 1, Is On (Be Cautious!)

We are operating with a skeleton crew today as the sleet and freezing rain have made conditions treacherous out there. We have treated the sidewalks but if you are coming to worship, be extremely cautious- it continued to sleet even as we were putting down a first coating of treatment. We are here but be cautious if you choose to be! Roads are slick and we may not be able to keep up with treating the sidewalks if sleet keeps coming down. As an alternative, you can always join us online from the comfort of your home! Here is the link:  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sjumc-nova

Above all, be safe and careful whatever you do today!