5/3 Worship- SpiritGarden: Patience

James 5:7-8. Patience is a virtue or so we are told. It is an elusive virtue at best. Maybe it is not elusive for all of us but certainly it is for some of us.

Patience is also a fruit of the Spirit. What that means is that through an ever growing relationship with God through Jesus, the Spirit will grow us into patience; at least, we can grow into patience. Fruit grows through careful tending and pruning and transformation. That is how patience grows in us as a fruit of the Spirit. Sunday we will talk about patience, what it is and how we might tend to this fruit in our lives.

4/26 Worship- SpiritGarden: Peace

John 14:23-27. Peace. Just what is peace and how can we find it in our lives? And what is peace as a fruit of the Spirit? I had some really interesting pushback conversations this week about the fruits of the Spirit and where they come from. This week we will visit a bit with the idea of what this #SpiritGarden is, what are fruits of the Spirit versus gifts of the Spirit, and then take on the topic of peace.

4/19 Worship- #SpiritGarden: Joy

Psalm 30. There are times when we feel deep joy in our lives; there are also times when joy eludes us altogether. If one of the fruits of the Spirit is joy, then how do we cultivate that fruit? How do we live with an enduring joy that can transcend the less-than-joy-filled moments? This week we continue our series on fruit of the Spirit with a conversation about joy.

4/12 Worship- #SpiritGarden: Love

1 John 4:7-20. We are beginning a new series about the fruit of the Spirit. The first of those fruits is indeed “love.” I know we talk about love a lot but why not one more time? What does it look like when followers of Jesus produce fruit, in this instance the fruit of love. Join us to learn more how to begin producing the fruit of the Spirit in your #SpiritGarden.

4/5 Easter Worship- God’s Credentials

John 20:1-20. God’s Credentials. More than once in my life I’ve wondered over my credentials: various pieces of paper that say what I’ve accomplished and asserting my qualifications. Jesus did not receive any pieces of paper in his earthly life of which I’m aware. Does that mean Jesus had no credentials, no proof of who he was and that for which he stood? Easter Sunday at Sunrise Worship (6:30AM) and Celebration Worship (11:00AM) we will talk about God’s credentials and what that might mean for us.

4/3 Good Friday Worship at 7:30PM

Psalm 22. “My God, my God, why….” This question has escaped my lips several times in my own life. Certainly, my question has never been asked in the same circumstances that the gospel writer tells us Jesus asked it. I suspect most of us who in some way believe in God have asked the question, “Why?” Good Friday, Pastor James will reflect on what this question might mean for us. Join us at 7:30PM in the worship center.

Living Out our Presence in the Community — Titan Expo

We have a great opportunity to be a presence in our community.  Saint James’ Church Council has felt called to be present in several activities with T.C. Williams High School.  We are again a sponsor for the Varsity Baseball team.  Saint James has a banner at Simpson Field and we hope to have folks from Saint James at the games.

As a part of this, Saint James will run three games (Duck Pond, Feed the Elephant and the Lollipop tree) at the T.C Williams Titan Expo, a family-friendly carnival fundraiser that helps vocation students with scholarships after graduation.  Save Sunday, May 3rd from 1-4pm to attend the event (free admission).  Sign up in the lobby to help with the games!  See Linda Patterson for more info, or email Linda@sjumc.net.

Serving Lunch to Those in Need

What are you doing on Saturday, May 30th? How about helping to feed folks in need? We need 10 folks to help serve lunch at SOME (So Others Might Eat). We will meet at Saint James by 9:45am and will be finished at 1:15pm. Dress comfortably, bring a baseball hat, and be prepared to be on your feet for our time at SOME. Sign up in the Lobby. You must be 13 to help out!