Christmas Eve Worship, 7:00PM on Thursday, December 24

This year we will celebrate Christmas Eve together at 7:00PM in the auditorium at the Hermitage in Northern Virginia. We will sing and pray and celebrate the birth of Jesus and think about what Christmas means for us and what Christmas offers us. Don’t miss an opportunity to hear again the Christmas Story from Luke 2:1-20 and think about the wonder of God’s love in person!

12/20 Worship- Longing for Home

Psalm 137:1-6. Christmas is upon us! It is a time of year filled with wonder and hopefulness and a deep longing. The longing of which I speak is a longing for home. I feel that longing on and off throughout the year; often it is made more intense in the changing of the seasons and in the timing of school. At this time of year, the days are short and getting shorter. Those days are often cold and getting colder though this year is an exception to that. Something about this time of year makes the longing, the yearning, more acute and more real. I might describe it as a “longing for home.” More than a location, home is a centered connection with God, others, and self. How might we find “home” this year and perhaps everyday? That is what we will talk about this Sunday.

12/13 Worship- Get Ready!

Isaiah 40:1-5. As we get closer to Christmas, perhaps it is time to talk about getting ready. Last week we looked from a cautionary perspective at being too busy in this time of year and this week we are looking at preparation for the season. Are these two mutually exclusive? Perhaps the prophet Isaiah will give us some insight in this week’s passage. Join us Sunday to discover what he might have to say.

12/6 Worship- What to Do When You’re Busy, Busy, Busy

Luke 10:38-42. This is a busy, crazy, insane time of year! There seems to be no end to the things that need doing and places that need going. There is shopping and baking and wrapping and driving and visiting and planning and plan-changing. Is there a way to pull back just a bit of the crazy? This Sunday we will take a look at a famous Bible passage about being busy and Jesus’ answer to it as we continue “The Red Letter Series.”