1/31 Worship- Take That Call

Jeremiah 1:4-10. In the church, we use language sometimes that no longer makes sense, language that may no longer carry the meanings it once did. “Calling” is one of those words. I know what it is to make a call and even to receive a call though “calls” are no longer the connections of choice.

Sometimes, words that are no longer common in everyday usage are still worth talking about.  This weekend we will explore what it may mean to “take God’s call.”

Our First Ever Online-Only Worship!

January 24 Plan Update. How beautiful the snow is! I have been out to shovel once last night and will be heading back out to shovel again shortly. This is our first year without a building that belongs to us and because of the unpredictable nature of both the roads and our new location, we are hosting an online only worship experience on January 24 at 11-ish in the morning. We will post a link to our regular Ustream channel in the morning so you can tune in from wherever you are. We will be coming to you directly from Pastor James’ house. We’ll have a slightly more abbreviated worship experience without music. We hope you’ll join our Live Stream!

Sunday, January 24 and The Blizzard

As we listen to predictions regarding the accumulation of snow and the windy conditions, the question arises, “Will we have worship together this Sunday?” This is the first time we have been worshiping at The Hermitage when there is snow.

Check back on the website late Saturday but at this point, at the very least I am anticipating a Live Stream from my house at the usual time. No matter what the website indicates, you must determine if it is safe for you to venture out. Check back for more information and be safe in the coming winter weather.

1/17 Worship- Connecting: Creation

Psalm 34:8. Taste and see that the Lord is good! As followers of Jesus we believe that God has a hand in making all that is. I am coming to see that I can also see a bit of God speaking to me in all of creation, that God’s presence surrounds and encompasses us. This week we will ask how we might connect more deeply with God and one another through all of creation.

1/10 Worship- Connecting with Neighbor

Jesus tells us the second greatest commandment is to “love our neighbor as ourself.” Therein lies the challenge! God has made us lovable and delightful. Our true selves are the mirror of love. However, much of our life is spent learning to cope with a daunting, sometimes fearful world and the coping mechanisms we develop push the neighbor away from us; we are often repulsed in like fashion. Last week we talked about learning to love ourselves; perhaps that learning will help us discover how to love our neighbors as well. Find out this Sunday when we talk about connecting with others all around us. What does it look like to love our neighbors as ourselves?

1/3 Worship- Connecting: Self

This week we begin a new series about relationships, about Connecting with yourself, others, the larger world, and God. In the “Connecting Series,” we will ask about what it means to be in relationship and how we might deepen all of our relationships.

Part of being people is being in relationship. The first message in this series deals with our relationship with ourself. This relationship is an often overlooked and neglected relationship. At first glance it seems it ought to be the easiest; with whom do we spend ALL of our time, 24/7? Bring in the New Year with consideration for shaping this year around each moment of Connecting we are meant to enjoy.