5/1 Worship Theme- Finding Healing

Acts 3:1-16. There has been much hype over time about healing in the church. Some faith healers seem like nothing more than “snake-oil sellers.” When we talk about healing, when we pray for healing, when we imagine what healing is, what do we mean? Do we mean something along the lines of a surgical intervention by God without the actual physical surgery? Do we mean for God to guide the hands of the helping professionals in the treatment and care of the person about whom we are praying? This Sunday we are going to talk a bit about healing and what we might mean when we say it as church and perhaps even how we might each find God’s healing in our own lives.

4/24 Worship Theme- Playing at Church: Doing

Acts 2:42-47. As we question what it means to be “church” in today’s world, currently without a building, we have been making some progress based on the writer of Acts. Today, that writer tells us what the early Jesus-followers did after waiting, getting empowered, and finding their story. Beginning with this model of early church, we ask ourselves what are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to be more like these early followers, doing the same things, or has time changed the world so much that we are supposed to do something different? That is what we’ll ask on Sunday in worship.

4/17 Worship Theme- Playing at Church: Stories

Acts 2:13-41. This week Peter makes everything clear. Well, maybe not everything but he lets all who are listening know who Jesus is and why he matters. He brings together the significant stories from before Jesus and weaves them into a larger understanding of faith. Strangely, it makes sense to those who are listening and ¬†opens the door for new life. That is the cornerstone of what being church is: letting people know that their story matters to God because God already loves them. Who would have ever guessed someone as impetuous and imprudent as Peter would be able to do this? Jesus did when he called him. Jesus saw all that potential in Peter (the “Rock”) and he sees all the potential in each of us. That is indeed good news!

Sunday that is what we’ll be talking about in worship. You can read more about my thinking about this passage here.

4/10 Worship Theme- Playing at Church? Empowered

Acts 2:1-12. Rushing wind and tongues of fire! Sound like pandemonium to anyone? That is what we have called Pentecost, the birthday for the church when the Holy Spirit brought the disciples/apostles together and gave them the courage and gifts they needed to share the love of God and the way of Jesus with everyone. Where does that leave us today? What does this mean for Saint James and our work in the world.

Memorial Service for Paul Eugene “Gene” Byron on April 9 @ 11AM

As most of you know, Paul Eugene “Gene” Byron died last week. If you need a little help remembering Gene, he was the gentleman who was so impeccably dressed every Sunday, a top hat, suit, and trench coat. We will be celebrating Gene’s life at a memorial service to be held at 11:00AM on Saturday, April 9, in the penthouse of The Hermitage in Northern Virginia. We normally worship in the auditorium on the bottom floor but for the memorial service, come through the front door (on the other side of the building from where we worship) and the folks at the front desk will direct you.