Be Part of the “Big Picture” to Fight Local Hunger

Here in Fairfax County, 63,000 people do not know where their next meal is coming from. Saint James is hoping to put together a team of folks who will spend a couple of hours helping to feed families through the Lorton Community Action Center (LCAC)’s Complete the Circle event on Sunday, November 6th, 1-2:30pm to raise awareness and fight hunger in our community. We will join together with hundreds of other groups and community members of all ages on a field in Lorton to create a “living image” that will be photographed from the sky. Team members will donate $5 to be a part of Saint James’ team, and bring either dried beans or bagged rice (on 11/6). Items collected will “complete the circle” of giving by framing the sky photo image and feeding our neighbors in need. A family-friendly celebration with refreshments and live music are a part of the festivities as well. See Linda Patterson or email her, to commit to the team! Commitments are required by Sunday, September 25th to get our name on the t-shirts.

Mission Update!

THANK YOU Saint James! You gave our friends at Rising Hope 29 pounds of coffee and 50 undershirts. We may never meet folks who will benefit from the gifts. Rising Hope staff were thrilled and said the coffee would last their pantry for more than a month and the shirts would help numerous men.
A special thank you to for the back to school support for Wesley Housing children. Twenty-two children will be prepared for school thanks to Saint James!

7/21 Worship Theme- The Lord’s Prayer: Our Daily Bread

Luke 11:2-4. We are continuing our journey through The Lord’s Prayer with reflections about what the phrase, “Give us the bread we need for today,” means. This week Linda Patterson will be sharing reflections from the perspective of a person of faith and the leader of an organization that provides food and other services to people in Lorton, Virginia. Join us Sunday for a deeper look at what it means to have our daily bread.

8/14 Worship Theme- The Lord’s Prayer: Kingdom Come

Luke 11:2-4. So we’ve talked a bit about who we’re talking to in the Lord’s Prayer (Father/Abba/Daddy) and the tension between how very close God is as well as how beyond Mystery God is. This week we move on to talk about the second phrase of Luke’s version, asking that God’s Kingdom come. Just what does that mean and what would it look like if God answered our prayer? Or has God already answered the prayer if we open our hearts and eyes? Or is it something else altogether? Sunday, we will seek some answers to what we’re praying for in this second phrase.

Back to School for Wesley Housing

Saint James will be partnering with Wesley Housing to provide middle school backpacks. If you are willing to donated $28 to purchase a middle school pack, or purchase the following items for a middle school pack, please sign up on the sheet at the welcome table or email Linda. Thanks to Bill and Sharon for dropping off. We could still use a few more packs!! Questions? Reach out to Linda, To access the list, click here!

8/7 Worship Theme- The Lord’s Prayer: Father

Luke 11:2-4. “Father, your Name be revered.” No, that may not be the phrase you’re used to at the beginning of the Lord’s Prayer but it is there in Luke’s version. Sunday, we begin a series of reflections on each phrase in this commonly used prayer. Why does it matter that Jesus’ model begins by calling God “Father?” Then it immediately jumps to God’s Name being revered. We will explore this phrase Sunday and wonder together about what it says to us.