4/2 Worship Theme- Let’s Get Together!

Some of you may recognize “Let’s Get Together” as the name of a song sung by the Hayley Mills “twins” in The Parent Trap (original 1961 Disney version). The movie (remade in 1998 with a young Lindsay Lohan in the leading role) revolves around twins separated nearly at birth by their divorcing parents, each of whom takes one of the girls. The twins meet quite by accident at the same summer camp and hatch a plot to bring the divorced parents back together.

It seems to me there are some key lessons about church to be gleaned from the theme of “getting together,” more often cited as “building community.” Is there anything to be said for “community” that can help us connect with our personal and gathered identities at Saint James? We will turn to the Bible and the wisdom of the “twins” to draw some lessons for personal growth and connection today.

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