Our Worship

Worship is central to our lives at Saint James. We gather weekly and it is perhaps the only time that the whole community is in a single place (though at different times). Worship is the time when we are reminded who we are and what it means to follow Jesus. It is a time when focus on God and set the stage for worshiping God in our daily lives though work, play, rest, and leisure.

There is no “correct” style for worshiping God. Words like traditional, contemporary, ancient, emerging, blended, family-friendly and others are used to describe styles of worship. If the focus is on God, on thanking, praising, connecting, and seeking forgiveness from God, then worship is worship. We have offered and continue to offer a variety of styles (some weekly, some “occasionally”) at Saint James as help people connect with the Holy. We expect that the Spirit will be present and speaking in worship every time we gather.

Our worship is centered around the Table and as such we celebrate communion at every gathering. All are welcomed.

Contemporary, Celebration Worship- 11:00AM on Sundays
Characterized by upbeat, contemporary sacred and “secular” music, we worship God through prayer, communion, and sermons about living real life everyday. Grab a cup of coffee (or juice) in the lobby and bring it in with you as we experience together the presence of Jesus in every gathering.

Watch live on Sundays or recorded message on http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sjumc-nova

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