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Women CRUSH Wednesdays

Looking for a way to grow in your faith? Maybe learn a bit and have some laughs too? Women of Saint James are invited (your friends too) to join together once a month on Wednesdays for dessert, coffee/tea and some conversation. We will be using Anne Lamott’s new book called “Hallelujah Anyway, Rediscovering Mercy” and the book of Esther. Our first meeting will be Wednesday, April 12th from 7:30-9pm at the Mission House. Interested? Email Linda, or see her for more info.

Centering Prayer on Tuesdays

We have begun a Tuesday night experience of Centering Prayer in our worship center from 7:00PM to 7:30PM. Centering Prayer is sitting quietly in God’s presence with the intention to be completely available. Join us if you’d like to try this experience of going deeper with God. (Pastor James is available in the worship center after 6:30PM until 6:55PM if you have questions about the practice.)

Six Tuesdays of Centering Prayer Leading to Easter

Beginning Tuesday, March 7, we invite you to join us in the worship center (5200 Fillmore Avenue) on Tuesday nights at 7:00PM for 30 minutes of Centering Prayer, something that Pastor James has described as “sitting with God.”

“But,” you say, “I don’t know what I’m doing.” Pastor James will be in the worship center from 6:30PM until 6:55PM to coach you. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover a new-to-you discipline that might help you connect more deeply with yourself and God, all at once.

Tripping to North Carolina to Help Others — Mission

Saint James will be putting together another team for our 4th year to be a part of the Appalachian Service Project in partnership with Arlington Temple UMC to help a senior or family in North Carolina this summer on July 15th-22nd.  Cost is expected to be $350 per person + incidentals. Interested in growing your faith AND transforming someone’s home? See Linda ( for more info.

Learn about your Gifts

In the message about Jesus, Peter and catching fish, we learned that in our relationship with Jesus we come to fulfill our calling when we join him in this world. As promised, if you are looking for an assessment to figure out your gifts, consider taking this one from the United Methodist Church, Want to talk about what you learned? Reach out to James, or Linda,

Help a Local Family or Senior

Imagine helping to make a local senior or low-income family’s home “like new” again! You can be a part of that chance, by helping in one of three ways: (1) Pray for this chance to help a person in need; (2)Donate above your normal giving (mark House on checks or through your text or online giving. We need to raise $2,500); (3) Work that day and join the team! Date of the event is Saturday, April 29th. Sign up on the clipboard at the Welcome table to be a part of the team, or email Linda,

Still Worshiping at The Hermitage for January

My friends, I just want to be clear we will be continuing our pattern of worshiping in the auditorium at The Hermitage for January. It is looking solidly like we will be in our new space beginning in February. Until then, we will continue to celebrate together and trust in God’s timing for all things. (I encourage you to visit our Facebook page for pictures of the space in progress)

James, your pastor