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Shoes for Those in Need

Soles4Souls is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting the devastating impact of poverty around the world. Saint James has been collecting new and used shoes. By donating your gently worn shoes to this wonderful and worthwhile organization you assisted in the delivery of shoes to aid people in poverty and disaster areas, both here and abroad.

178 pairs of shoes collected! Our Goal was 100 pairs! Way to go, SJ-folks!

Worship: Denial?

John 18:12-27. Peter denies Jesus just as predicted. Once, twice, thrice.  I have always made this a story about Peter and, by extension, us. The commentary I was reading earlier today suggests otherwise. I am interested to hear any thoughts about the Bible reading for Sunday about the beginning of Jesus’ trial and Peter’s denial of Jesus just outside the “courtroom.”

Good Friday Worship at 7:30PM: God Is Dead?

John 19:31-42. Is the story over? We don’t ask that question much any more because we, mostly, already “know” the way Good Friday ends and what is to come. (Quite frankly, it doesn’t seem that Good Friday is all that good to me.) Those first disciples were in despair at this point and in hiding for the most part. Two strange folks, Joseph (NOT Jesus’ dad) and Nicodemus, show up to collect Jesus’ body and bury it. Seems like the whole movement and plan is over. Is it? Well we gather this Friday because the story still goes on but what can we learn from this ending that still is meaningful to us? We’ll wrestle with that at Good Friday Worship on Friday, April 18 at 7:30PM.

Holy Thursday Worship at 7:30PM: Finished

John 19:23-30. Have you ever been finished with anything? I mean, really finished. Done. Complete. Just before Jesus bows his head on the cross and gives up his life, he says, “It is completed.” What might he have meant and what can it mean for our crazy, busy, never-done-with-all-we-have-to-do lives? Is it ever enough? We will ask that question in Holy Thursday Worship on Thursday, April 16.

Seminar: What Do I Believe?

It’s a question I think about often: What do I believe?  Not so much because what goes on in my head is my obsession but because if I believe something, I want to make that belief real in daily living. I also find that things I once believed were true no longer seem so to me. Thinking about these things can help me sort and live intentionally. Are you interested in taking a three-week seminar to help you think through what you believe? We’ll meet Sunday mornings- March 30, April 6, April 13. There are no prerequisites for the gathering but space is limited… Sign up in the lobby (or email James).

Worship: Serve

John 13:1-35. It is early in the week (before Sunday worship on March 16) and I’m just beginning to take on the Bible reading, praying and thinking what message might be there for us at Saint James. My first impressions are of Jesus as servant, waiting on the disciples, and of Jesus telling the disciples (us included) that there is a new commandment: Love one another. I am never certain early in a week where the Bible will take us by Sunday but I offer these early thoughts. Comments are welcome!

Worship: Life

John 11:1-44. I don’t believe we’ll be taking on the entire text this coming Sunday but it is certainly a good read. Jesus shows up too late for what his friends think would have been an easy healing. Instead, his friend Lazarus dies. Lazarus’s sisters are disappointed/angry and unafraid to direct those feelings at Jesus when he finally arrives. Part of Jesus’ response to Mary and Martha includes another personal declaration: I am (the) Resurrection and I am Life. Sounds pretty cool but what does it mean for us today? We will take on that question on Sunday.

Worship: Can We Talk?

The last time I remember anyone saying “Can we talk?” to me, it wasn’t a good conversation. Someone called those words “the kiss of death.” In the case of prayer, I want to call them the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Prayer can become a connecting point for each of us, with God and with one another. Come and hear about prayer as we begin a short series Conversations.