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Worship: Looking for Signs

John 4:46-54. It’s not always clear what we’re looking for when we seek a connection with God in Jesus. When we’re driving on the highway, it’s all about paying attention to the signs to get where we’re going. This week we’ll take a look at this story of Jesus performing a miracle, a “sign.” Maybe it’ll help us figure out some of the signs in our own lives.

New 9:30 Seminars

Starting Sunday, February 9, we will begin offering short Sunday morning seminars on a variety of topics.

  • February 9- March 16 (6 weeks). Prayer. (Read the article) There is a book involved that we read chapter by chapter.
  • March 30- April 13 (3 weeks). What Do I Believe?
  • April 27- May 18 (4 weeks). Forgiveness Seminar.

Anyone is welcome to join these conversations. We are open to variety of perspectives and respect each person’s viewpoint.

Your Donations Make a Difference

This week, I had a young man come to see me who had some questions and some simple needs. He was hungry, his backpack was too small and coming apart, and he needed batteries in the lights for his one form of transportation (a bicycle).

I listened to his story and struggles; we talked about God but not in righteous platitudes. We wondered together about where God is in the pain and struggles of life; my work as your pastor lets me have time available to do that. After we talked, we got in my car and drove over to Target. I got him batteries and a new larger backpack. I gave him a Giant gift card. He thanked me and, through me, you. By giving to our ministries, you made this story possible. Thank you.

Sundays at 9:30AM: In Transition

The last year has been a wonderful experiment and opportunity in gathering together for conversation around what any given Bible passage means for us; that conversation and communion have been the center of Sundays at 9:30.

Sundays are in transition now. We will offer a series of short term topical studies/conversations at the 9:30 time slot. What are the upcoming topics? Prayer (beginning February 9 for six weeks), What Do I Believe (beginning March 30 for three weeks), and Forgiveness (beginning April 27 for four weeks) are just the start of many chances to commit between 3 and 6 weeks  to thinking together about matters of importance to our faith.

Forgiveness Begins

This Sunday, January 12, we begin the Forgiveness Series with a look at what forgiveness is and is not. There are many misconceptions about what it means to forgive. This Sunday we’ll start with a wide brush and talk about what I think forgiveness is and hope I’ll dispel some myths about forgiveness as well. Come and listen, bring a friend, or join us online. We’ll get this conversation started…