Call ‘Em as He Sees ‘Em

Mark 10:17-22. Jesus spent somewhere between one and three years teaching the people, proclaiming the Kingdom, and healing the sick. He got requests and questions from all sides; in this story,…

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Good Grief

John 11:32-37. When we talk about Jesus, we often put him on such a high pedestal that we miss many of the implications of who he really was. In this particular…

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Knowing Him

Philippians 3:7-11. One of the biggest challenges of the Christian faith is learning to take Jesus seriously, at his word. Some of were raised in a way that told us…

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Call to Face Death

Mark 16:1-8. Perhaps the most challenging thing for Mary, Mary, and Salome (in today’s passage) after having had to experience the death of Jesus was to have to face it…

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