James at his deskJames Henry is our pastor at Saint James. (No, the church is not named after him.) Most people call him James which is his preference. He has served Jesus at Saint James since 1992 (over 15 years!). James sees his calling in the area of teaching, coaching/mentoring others in their faith journey, and sharing his passion for Jesus with others. He believes in team ministry; worship celebrations are led by a team, most outreach ministries are done by teams, even James' Sunday messages are designed together with a team! James believes strongly that the mission of the church is help people become followers of Jesus. But not to become followers for following's sake; following Jesus is life-changing.

To that end, James tries to help folks make the connection with God through Jesus. That connection will help them experience the fullness of life God intends for everyone. Life is not easy and everyone struggles with lots of different issues: loneliness, low self-esteem, disappointment, lack of fulfillment, emptiness. James stresses that while there are no easy solutions to life's dilemmas, standing together with Jesus and with each other helps to make the journey more bearable and hopeful. Experiencing the unending love of God personally through Jesus and sharing that love with others are what James stresses in his Sunday morning talks. James is not interested in giving easy answers but helping in the daily struggles that everyone faces. James is real and not afraid to admit that he doesn't have all the answers. He shares what he is learning on his faith journey with folks every Sunday morning.

If life is difficult, going it alone makes it even harder. James encourages folks at Saint James to seek ways to break the pattern of being alone and to join with Jesus and others on the journey of life.