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James Henry, Author at Saint James Church

Keep Awake

Is it possible that God is trying to connect all the time? Would we notice? That is why this week we take up keeping awake. Join us at 11am Eastern…

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Do All the Good You Can

“Do no harm” is behind us and fair “do all the good you can” awaits! So this week we take a look at the second general rule. The rule invites…

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First, Do No Harm

Do no harm. It seems very simple until you look a second time. So I looked a second time. When do words escape my mouth that hurt others? When do…

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Who Do You Say That I Am?

“Who do you say I am?” Jesus asked. So how will we answer? That is to say how will you answer? Moreover, having answered, will it make any difference? We…

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Everyone leaves a legacy and is a legacy, too. Who we are is a gift to us from God. And we can thank those who came before us as well….

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Thomas and the Gift of Doubt

Christianity labeled Thomas as doubting Thomas. Yet nothing less than Love can label us. However, we have been slow on the uptake! What if doubt is a gift and not…

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Do the Survey!

We want to remind you to do the survey for Saint James. We are trying to be clear about how we are doing in ministry now and also ask what…

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