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James Henry, Author at Saint James Church - Page 2 of 11

A Good Lamp

Have you ever taken a serious look at yourself? That self-reflective look is probably one of the most difficult tasks one can undertake. And yet, if we seriously reflect on…

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Sweet Surrender

Surrender is never a pleasant sounding choice. Consequently, it is something we avoid at all costs. But what if surrender is the way that leads to a fuller life? And…

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Desperate Desiring

What or who could possibly move us from the place of powerlessness we talked about last week? Certainly the force has to be bigger, higher than us if we are…

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We believe we are in control: of our lives, of our time, of what we think, of what we do. As a consequence, we do not fully experience or enjoy…

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When the Wise Arrive

We celebrate the arrival of the Magi from the East, often referred to as wise men. What can we learn about them from Matthew 2:1-12? Furthermore, having learned about them,…

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What Faith Means?

What is the point of religious faith? It’s a question lots of folks ask. And also how does it make life any better? And how does it make the world…

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A Great Year

What a year we’ve had at Saint James! We’ve grown in numbers; we have grown in outreach to the community, which includes bringing the West End Food Pantry to our…

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Join us for Christmas Eve!

We will celebrate Christmas Eve together at 7:00PM and 11:00PM in our worship center on Monday, December 24! So join us for candlelight, Christmas songs, goodies, and inspiration about the…

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Keys to Christmas: the Inn

Life is busy. So we fall into a pattern of assuming that life has to be busy. Additionally, we believe fitting more and more into our lives will give us…

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