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News Archives - Saint James Church

Happy Birthday Mr. Greene!

Mr. Greene’s birthday is approaching his 71st birthday on August 13th! Saint James has been helping him since our 2016 Rebuilding Together project on his home. We have a card…

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Our ASP team

Want to see some pics from the Appalachia Service Project trip? You can click on the link below and see photos from Facebook (no need to have an account).

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Keep Loving

God’s love for us is unequivocal. It flows to us without measure or preconditions. But just like forgiveness, which caries an expectation that we will forgive as we’ve been forgiven,…

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Keep Searching…

Are you ever uncertain about where you’re going? What you should do? How do you figure things out? Staying open to God invites us to keep searching, to be in…

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Helping Our Neighbors

Our JAM kids are working to make more hygiene kits for our neighbors who come to the West End Food Pantry. The kids need some more supplies. Please consider donating…

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Keep Open

How can we be open to experiencing God? Since Jesus tells us to come to him as children, we will explore how being childlike can create an openness to God.

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Keep Awake

Is it possible that God is trying to connect all the time? Would we notice? That is why this week we take up keeping awake. Join us at 11am Eastern…

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Do All the Good You Can

“Do no harm” is behind us and fair “do all the good you can” awaits! So this week we take a look at the second general rule. The rule invites…

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First, Do No Harm

Do no harm. It seems very simple until you look a second time. So I looked a second time. When do words escape my mouth that hurt others? When do…

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