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News Archives - Saint James Church


Everyone leaves a legacy and is a legacy, too. Who we are is a gift to us from God. And we can thank those who came before us as well….

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Thomas and the Gift of Doubt

Christianity labeled Thomas as doubting Thomas. Yet nothing less than Love can label us. However, we have been slow on the uptake! What if doubt is a gift and not…

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Do the Survey!

We want to remind you to do the survey for Saint James. We are trying to be clear about how we are doing in ministry now and also ask what…

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Good Friday Worship- 7:00PM

The crucifixion seems difficult to “celebrate.” And yet every year we gather on Good Friday to remember what the crucifixion means for us. Is there good news for us in…

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What Now?

Now that we’ve walked through the 12 steps and even talked about practicing them, what now? We know that we will see growth and change as we make the steps…

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