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Helping Our Neighbors
July 10, 2019
Our JAM kids are working to make more hygiene kits for our neighbors who come to the West End Food Pantry. The kids need some more supplies. Please consider donating a few of the...
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Keep Open
July 6, 2019
How can we be open to experiencing God? Since Jesus tells us to come to him as children, we will explore how being childlike can create an openness to...
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First, Do No Harm
June 6, 2019
Do no harm. It seems very simple until you look a second time. So I looked a second time. When do words escape my mouth that hurt others? When do I judge myself extra harshly?...
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Rules and Grace, Grace and Rules
May 30, 2019
What do we need rules for? And how do they go with the "grace" thing? Furthermore, aren't the rules covered by grace? This week we begin the Rules series by looking at the big...
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Produce for the West End Food Pantry
May 30, 2019
Saint James would like to have volunteers who can pick up produce (4-6 banana boxes) from the ALIVE warehouse at 9:15am on Mondays, 801 S Payne St  Alexandria. Total time...
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Annual Conference Collection
May 27, 2019
James and Linda will be heading to Annual conference June 20th - 22nd in Roanoke. We are trying to collect 2 things for conference:extra mile giving which will go to Just...
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Who Do You Say That I Am?
May 23, 2019
"Who do you say I am?" Jesus asked. So how will we answer? That is to say how will you answer? Moreover, having answered, will it make any difference? We will ask this weekend...
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May 16, 2019
Everyone leaves a legacy and is a legacy, too. Who we are is a gift to us from God. And we can thank those who came before us as well. So what have we received? And what will we...
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Stepping into God's Future
May 9, 2019
God's deep concern for us and the universe calls us to step out and step up. So that seems "big." And I feel inadequate to the task. You probably do, too. Hence, we will talk...
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Moving Toward God's Vision of Love
May 2, 2019
How do we discover God's vision for us? Does God give us any hints? This Sunday in worship we will focus on God's vision for us and some steps we may take toward discovering the...
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