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Acts Archives - Saint James Church


“Thus endeth the series…” This week we end The Basics with a topic near and dear to Pastor James’ heart and to many of yours as well: prayer. Prayer is…

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Shared Meals

Acts 2:42. We’re on week 3 of The Basics. Jesus was all about sharing meals and his disciples and the early church followed right along with the tradition. And, of course,…

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Devoted to Community

This week is the second week in The Basics, a series about how to be the church as summarized in Acts 2:42. What does the word “community” actually mean? How are…

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There are several instances in the book of Acts where the early church was praying and it shook the ground! Have we prayed as a faith community in such a way as to cause #FaithQuakes? Let’s talk about shaking up our faith!

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