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Pastor James Henry Archives - Saint James Church


Jesus brings yet another blistering challenge to folks who follow him: do not judge. Furthermore, he leaves absolutely no wiggle room for the dangling “but,” a favorite equivocation I like…

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What do we treasure? Probably Jesus asks that because he wants to know what it is his disciples value. Also, Jesus knows that we build our lives around the things…

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Prayer is a core part of our faith life. Perhaps that is why I find that I have shared a message about prayer four times this year. Furthermore, there are…

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A Show?

Have you ever thought that religion is a show that, if it’s good enough, might attract God’s attention and let people know just how holy we are, too? I am…

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The Law

The Sermon on the Mount is a wonderful collection of Jesus’ teachings from Matthew. Over the next several weeks, we are going to explore the teachings in a series called…

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Pure in Heart

The #BeAttitudes series continues with this challenge: to figure out what it means to have a pure heart, to chase after a pure heart, and to find meaning in the…

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