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Be Mournful

“Blessed are those who mourn…” Jesus said what? And how exactly is it a blessing to mourn? Furthermore, could it be code for something else or does it mean just…

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Jesus Loves You

It seems everything has a prequel these days so what about a prequel for a message-series on Apprenticeship? Why not!? This week we take on the Love of God in Jesus…

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Love Your Neighbor?

Come on, Jesus! This seems like a tall order in this world, to love the neighbor. If I am really honest, I have a tough enough time loving my family!…

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New Life Now

We are excited to be talking about the New Life that Easter invites us to live right now! Life is what we yearn to live, full and beautiful and true….

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Ready for Christmas

Lots of baking and decorating and preparing ourselves is supposed to be what will make us ready for Christmas. Has it worked for you in the past? When Christmas has…

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