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Sermon Archive Archive - Saint James Church


We believe we are in control: of our lives, of our time, of what we think, of what we do. As a consequence, we do not fully experience or enjoy…

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What Faith Means

What is the point of religious faith? It’s a question lots of folks ask. And also how does it make life any better? And how does it make the world…

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the Manger

We finish our series with a look at the manger. And we ask what is the significance of the Eternal being born in such an earthy place? So familiar is…

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the Inn

Life is busy. So we fall into a pattern of assuming that life has to be busy. Additionally, we believe fitting more and more into our lives will give us…

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the Road

Mary and Joseph find they must make a journey to Bethlehem. Mary is pregnant. This is no easy journey. However, this is the way to Christmas. We all walk roads…

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