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Bridge Building at Springdale House

The residents of Springdale House are eager to reconnect with their Saint James friends! We’re in the process of making ongoing plans and forming a team for a variety of activities. We have several dates (Saturday’s in August and early September) where we will help the residents clean up their common areas, do some yard work and then share dessert.  Please sign up in the lobby or talk to Ann Patterson if interested,

Mission in North Carolina…Help a Family

Saint James will be putting together another team for our 4th year to be a part of the Appalachian Service Project. We will work on the home of a low income senior or family in North Carolina this summer on July 15th-22nd.  Cost is expected to be $350 per person + incidentals. Interested? See or email Linda or James ( or

Help a Local Family or Senior

Imagine helping to make a local senior or low-income family’s home “like new” again! You can be a part of that chance, by helping in one of three ways: (1) Pray for this chance to help a person in need; (2)Donate above your normal giving (mark House on checks or through your text or online giving. We need to raise $2,500); (3) Work that day and join the team! Date of the event is Saturday, April 29th. Sign up on the clipboard at the Welcome table to be a part of the team, or email Linda,

The Saint James Christmas Giving Challenge!

I can remember special “Christmas” calendars with little windows I opened everyday from December 1 to December 24 with little “treats” or messages behind each window. Each day there was an excitement building to open the next window on the way to Christmas morning. This year I’d like to challenge us to a different kind of preparation for Christmas. Each day from December 1 to December 24, I want us to set aside a canned good or bag of rice/dried beans to give away at Christmas to someone who is in need.

As a way to prepare for this celebration, I want you to begin by finding a box and decorating it specially with a Christmas/Jesus/Love theme. Share a picture or video of your box decoration on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #ChristmasChallenge (if you tweet it, be sure to mention @sjumc_nova). Everyday beginning December 1, add one item to the box. I have made a calendar for you to use with each day if you like. (Download the adventcalendar2016-monthly) Make this a spiritual experience and everyone can participate; set aside a time each day to place food in your box with others in your household. You can make it a time to pray for your neighbors and those who will receive this food. We will be collecting the boxes on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at Saint James but if you’ll be gone, you can either turn it in early or when you get back! We will be displaying the boxes through the entire 12 Days of Christmas. We will be giving all the food collected to West End Food Pantry and ALIVE after Christmas.

Some people already asked me, “But I don’t live near Saint James. How can I participate?” All of us live in areas that have food banks and food collection spots; give your food box to a local group. This doesn’t have to be a “Saint James thing,” just a “loving our neighbor” kind of thing. Because in the end, that’s what Christmas is all about anyway.

Helping Others at the Holidays

Feeling blessed? If so, how about sharing that with some people in our world that could use some love and care for Christmas?

Saint James has gift requests for the residents of the Springdale House; we will have some gift requests for LCAC and will be getting Mr. Greene some things for Christmas.

Want to help? Choose a tag or two and “adopt” someone for Christmas. Be sure when you take a tag to sign up on the sheet so we can get the item to the person in need. Questions, email

Want to help paint our new Mission House?

We need some help and thought some of you might be interested!  As you know we bought a new-to-us worship building and its adjacent house (the “Mission House”). We are working on the getting the house ready for meals and events which involves us doing some painting. Would you be willing to spend some time in the next couple of weeks painting? You can help us get ready for mission and ministry in our new setting! Sign up on Sunday or email

Lazarus West End Food Pantry Needs Volunteers

Hunger Free Alexandria is launching a new Lazarus West End Food Pantry at the Church of the Resurrection, 2280 N. Beauregard Street. The grand opening is Monday, October 24th. The West End Lazarus Food Pantry will be open Mondays from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

A variety of volunteer opportunities are available. We need volunteers to: Paint and build shelves on Friday October 21st 9:00am – 2:00pm in partnership with Rebuilding Together, no skills required; Help provide lunch for the team of 10 – 15 volunteers on October 21st; Stock shelves and organize on Sunday October 23rd.

Volunteers are needed to work at the pantry on an ongoing basis, minimum of once per month is preferred. This will include helping to register guests and being hosts to people as they select their food. Volunteers will be needed to pick-up gleaned food from donors and the Capital Area Food Bank weekly. Training will be provided.

There are many additional opportunities to volunteer in a variety of capacities! Please contact Phyllis Johnson 601 880-4117 or email at if you are interested in volunteering or have any questions.

Be Part of the “Big Picture” to Fight Local Hunger

Here in Fairfax County, 63,000 people do not know where their next meal is coming from. Saint James is hoping to put together a team of folks who will spend a couple of hours helping to feed families through the Lorton Community Action Center (LCAC)’s Complete the Circle event on Sunday, November 6th, 1-2:30pm to raise awareness and fight hunger in our community. We will join together with hundreds of other groups and community members of all ages on a field in Lorton to create a “living image” that will be photographed from the sky. Team members will donate $5 to be a part of Saint James’ team, and bring either dried beans or bagged rice (on 11/6). Items collected will “complete the circle” of giving by framing the sky photo image and feeding our neighbors in need. A family-friendly celebration with refreshments and live music are a part of the festivities as well. See Linda Patterson or email her, to commit to the team! Commitments are required by Sunday, September 25th to get our name on the t-shirts.