11/1 Worship- Celebrate Our Story and Move Forward

Isaiah 25:1-9. I love the images and poetry of Isaiah. Originally speaking to a people facing real challenges, he offers both hope and vision. Every moment hangs on the edge of a future that is yet unwritten. This Sunday we celebrate all that has laid the foundation for this moment in our story when we are poised for our next phase. Join us in worship and for our big, food-filled celebration afterward. Yes, this is our last Sunday in this building so don’t miss it!

10/25- Job Learns a Lesson

Job 42:1-6. Many people have heard the story of Job, if not in church, then certainly as part of world literature. As Job’s life comes apart, he questions God. Job’s friends blame him but Job remains steadfast through it all. Finally, he gets his wish: to confront God! After speaking at length with God and God with Job, Job comes to a conclusion and it is that conclusion that will be the subject of our conversations this Sunday.

Opportunities for Sunday Morning Ministries

We all have a chance each day to live out Jesus’ love. On Sunday mornings we can do something to help make worship a bit more filled with love with whomever walks in the door. How? We need inside greeters, coffee hosts, communion servers, parking lot greeters, and the clean up crew…. You can go to our Signup Genius page to seize the chance to serve our community, http://bit.ly/1RZUEi6.

Coffee Cups Anyone?

In a few weeks, Saint James will be transitioning to our new worship home. We will begin moving toward a more “eco-friendly” coffee time. As we plan for that time, we are looking for 10 ounce coffee cups (real ones). Do you want to clean out your cabinets and maybe see an old cup in worship? Donate it to Saint James and help us out! Email Linda, or see her if you have some to give, Linda@sjumc.net.

10/11 Worship- Brief Instructions before Entering

Deuteronomy 5:1-21; 6:4-9. This Bible passage is set just before the Israelites finish their wandering and head into the land God promised.  It seems Moses feels there are some important items worthy of remembering just before this transition. As people of faith here at Saint James poised for a transition to a new and temporary space (several weeks from now), these words have a certain urgency and seem appropriate as reminders of God’s vision and intent. Join us Sunday to discover what Moses has to say to us!

10/4 Worship- Discovering Holy Ground

Exodus 3:1-15. Moses was minding his own business; actually he was minding his father-in-law’s business of tending the sheep. It is in that moment that he encounters something, Someone, so much more than he could have imagined. It is in his asking questions in the face of the unknown that the door is opened for Moses to discover “holy ground.” Hear more about this story on Sunday.