5/29 Worship Theme- Get Over Yourself: Perfectionism

Genesis 1. Perfectionism threatens to keep us from accomplishing what God dreams for each of us and our community. Read the first chapter of Genesis in the link above, counting the number of times looks at the creation and calls it “good.” Now go back and see how many times God says it is “perfect.” This weekend in a sermon from an occasional series called “Get Over Yourself” we will try to grapple with our propensity to try to be perfect and what that attempt does for us. We will look together for ways to overcome and move forward beyond our perfectionist tendencies. The sermon is a real challenge personally and hopefully an encouragement to us all.

5/22 Worship Theme- Mystery

Sunday is “Trinity Sunday” on the Christian calendar. I have been thinking a lot about this “trinity” idea the church developed over the last 2000 years. It doesn’t make sense. Don’t get me wrong; I could write a multi-page paper describing what this doctrine means. But I think the idea of Trinity is more than merely an academic idea and could even lend itself to everyday living. Still, I think it is worth talking about this Sunday. Join us Sunday and we’ll add a little mystery to your life!

Helping Mr. Greene

SJUMC Rebuilding (6 of 121)

Saint James would like to help Mr. Greene over the long term, not just the one day of Rebuilding Together. Here’s what we he needs:
(1) Someone to paint around the edges of the shed that we just repaired.
(2) Folks to mow his yard on a regular basis (so it doesn’t look like the this anymore!)
Want to help out? Email Linda@sjumc.net to let her know how you can help!

5/8 Worship Theme- Take a Good Stretch

Acts 10:1-21. Simon Peter was certain he knew the rules of being a Jesus-follower. He had, after all, finally found his voice and had begun to represent the fledgling followers as leader and spokesperson (at least one of the leaders). There is always a danger when one thinks they know how things work because sometimes that is only the beginning. This week we will discover this has become the truth for Simon Peter. Have any of us at some point become certain we had the answers only to discover there was more? Let’s listen for Peter will teach us this week.