1/1 Worship Theme- New Year, New Resolutions?

Ephesians 4:1-6. The founder of the Methodist Church, John Wesley, thought that each new year should begin with an opportunity to renew our sense of connection with God and one another. A new year can mean a new sense of purpose and direction. Even these days we make resolutions. What if we set our resolutions against the backdrop of God’s dream for us? This Sunday we will gather at the Mission House again (5150 Fillmore Avenue, Alexandria) for a light breakfast at 10:30 and followed by informal worship in the living room! (This week we’ll prepare more chairs!) The house will be marked by the Saint James feather banner. Join us for a morning of renewing our sense of purpose for the coming year.

12/24 Christmas Eve at the Hermitage!

Join us at 7:00PM in the auditorium at the Hermitage in Northern Virginia (5000 Fairbanks Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22311) for a celebration of the birth of Jesus, the power of hope in the darkness, and the sweep of history that still touches our lives today! Christmas carols, communion, “light lighting” (no candles in the Hermitage), and a message of hope for the ages. Everyone of all ages in welcome!

Don’t forget to bring your #ChristmasChallenge box if you’ve been doing the challenge; you could also just bring non-perishables (these items are for the West End Food Bank and possibly ALIVE if there is more than the West End Food Bank can take) if you haven’t been doing the challenge.

Come and Celebrate!

12/18 Worship Theme- Blast from the Past: Isaiah 7

Isaiah 7:10-16. “She will give birth to a son and call his name, ‘God-With-Us.'” We are so close to Christmas and it can be easy to miss why we even celebrate it (hint: it’s not to keep businesses afloat). Isaiah is a voice to remind us one last time, 7 days before the first day of Christmas, why we do this thing, this celebration, called “Christmas.” This Sunday, join us for another reminder of God’s love for you and all of us.

12/11 Worship Theme- Blast from the Past: Isaiah 35

Isaiah 35:1-10. What is so beautiful about this season? Is it the decorations, the beautiful music, is it the sparkly lights that ever more visible in the long, cold nights? Isaiah the prophet, Isaiah the poet, begins to describe to us the artistry and joy and anticipation the fills this season. Sunday we will explore poetry and possibilities leading up to Christmas.

Christmas Eve at the Hermitage! Don’t miss this 7:00PM Celebration

Saint James is celebrating the birth of Jesus on Saturday, December 24 at 7:00PM in the Hermitage auditorium where we have worshiped for the last year. Soon we will be moving out of our borrowed space into a space of our own just up the road but no matter where we worship, we celebrate a God whose love for us was so great that God would become one-of-us and let us meet Love in Person! You will not want to miss our Christmas Eve worship experience.

12/4 Worship Theme- Blast from the Past: Isaiah 11

Isaiah 11:1-10. Yes, there are three more weeks with the prophet, Isaiah. He spoke hope into despair, bringing his prophetic imagination and God’s dream of Love for all together in powerful “sermons” about God.

Have you ever cut back a tree only to have the stump sprout more branches all over again? Have you ever thought of that as a hopeful sign, that even  stump can put forth new shoots? Isaiah saw it that way and shares it in passage for this week! Join us Sunday in person or online as we continue to look for something more in the season that threatens to sap our strength with all its busyness.