1/29 Worship Theme- Fish Stories: Jonah and the ‘Big Fish’

Jonah 1. We jump back to the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and look together at the story of a man swallowed by a great, big fish. Now what could a #FishStory like this teach us? Maybe the lesson is to stop swimming in the ocean like the aftermath of the movie, Jaws? I don’t think so!!! I am convinced the Biblical stories we read together (and even those we skip) can teach us something. Jonah is running away. Have you ever sought to run away? Jonah is confronted with the truth. Have you ever been confronted with your truth? See, we’re already getting somewhere. Join us Sunday as we continue the Fish Stories Series.

Learn about your Gifts

In the message about Jesus, Peter and catching fish, we learned that in our relationship with Jesus we come to fulfill our calling when we join him in this world. As promised, if you are looking for an assessment to figure out your gifts, consider taking this one from the United Methodist Church, http://www.umc.org/what-we-believe/spiritual-gifts-online-assessment. Want to talk about what you learned? Reach out to James, James@sjumc.net or Linda, Linda@sjumc.net.

Mission in North Carolina…Help a Family

Saint James will be putting together another team for our 4th year to be a part of the Appalachian Service Project. We will work on the home of a low income senior or family in North Carolina this summer on July 15th-22nd.  Cost is expected to be $350 per person + incidentals. Interested? See or email Linda or James (Linda@sjumc.net or James@sjumc.net).

Help a Local Family or Senior

Imagine helping to make a local senior or low-income family’s home “like new” again! You can be a part of that chance, by helping in one of three ways: (1) Pray for this chance to help a person in need; (2)Donate above your normal giving (mark House on checks or through your text or online giving. We need to raise $2,500); (3) Work that day and join the team! Date of the event is Saturday, April 29th. Sign up on the clipboard at the Welcome table to be a part of the team, or email Linda, Linda@sjumc.net.

1/22 Worship Theme- Catch Anything?

Luke 5:1-11. Fishing aficionados could correct me, but I think I saw a young man fly fishing in Holmes Run recently. He was wading in and had all the serious gear. However, I made the mistake of asking, “Catch anything?” Noisy people make fishing difficult as fish are not attracted to noise! He indicated “Not yet,” and I continued on my walk.

It occurred to me that fishing is hard work. There is so much one has to do in preparation and then one has to hope the fish are cooperative. This week’s Bible story is about the challenge some folks had fishing and how Jesus interpreted their challenges before they even became his followers. This week we’ll take up fish stories in worship. You won’t want to miss it.

1/15 Worship Theme- There’s a Road Ahead & We’re On It!

1 Corinthians 1:1-9. I am thankful for the journey that has brought us here. It has not been easy. As we look ahead, I also want to celebrate our possibilities as a faith community. This Sunday I also want us to remember the inspiration and witness of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In times of great challenge, people of faith are called to rise up. Few in living history have done so; Dr. King was one of them. Come and worship with us Sunday!

1/8 Worship Theme- A Year of New Beginnings: Baptism

Luke 3:1-22. It is a new year and though we are back in The Hermitage auditorium for awhile longer, this is a year of new beginnings for all of us. There will be a new space in which we’ll worship and pray and baptize and celebrate and mourn together. New people will come into our lives and some people we love dearly will leave. Life is a series of new beginnings- everyday. For followers of Jesus, baptism is a beginning, a claiming, a statement, a God-moment all rolled into words and water and the Holy Spirit. This week as we wonder together about a new year, we will talk about new beginning and baptism in worship.

Still Worshiping at The Hermitage for January

My friends, I just want to be clear we will be continuing our pattern of worshiping in the auditorium at The Hermitage for January. It is looking solidly like we will be in our new space beginning in February. Until then, we will continue to celebrate together and trust in God’s timing for all things. (I encourage you to visit our Facebook page for pictures of the space in progress)

James, your pastor