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8/17 Worship- Dare to Act

Ruth 3. There is a lot going on in our world. I see it in my twitter feed and hear it on the radio. I often wonder if there isn’t a “solution” to “all this mess,” some way to fix all the dysfunction and sadness I see.  It isn’t long before I am overwhelmed and determined to keep my head low and go through the motions: get up, shower, eat, go to the office, work, go home, eat, sleep, repeat.

Then I read a story like that of Ruth. No booming God from the mountain, no burning bush, or Red Sea parting. Two widows, one a stranger in the land, trying to make it. God’s grace happens in small ways: in the Law, in the kindness of a stranger, in the interdependence of Ruth and Naomi. In “daring to act” in everyday little ways, God’s goodness breaks in to daily living.  That will be what we talk about on Sunday.

5/4 Worship- Thomas, the Skeptic

John 20:24-31. This last weekend we talked about Jesus appearing to the disciples who were hiding behind closed doors for fear of persecution. However, Thomas was not there to catch a glimpse of Jesus and is finding the whole, “We have seen The Lord,” announcement a bit dubious. What can we learn from the man who has through the centuries come to be called “doubting Thomas?” Find out Sunday!

4/26 Worship- Jesus Appears and Gives Instruction

John 20:19-23. Jesus shows up to his disciples that same day of resurrection. What Mary said, “I have seen the Lord,” becomes the truth for most of the rest of the disciples. Given the brevity of this appearance, Jesus is terse in his instructions. What do those instructions tell us about priorities for us today? That’s our topic Sunday. Join us in person or online!

4/6 Worship: Behold the Man

John 19:1-16. Jesus is on trial for his life. Everything, it would seem, hangs in the balance.  What can we learn that might help us 2000 years later? Of course we can focus on any of the characters at this point in the story: Jesus, Pilate, the Jewish leaders. Last week we spent time with Pilate and Jesus. Maybe this week we look at the Jewish leaders and Jesus? Let’s see where this story takes us!

Worship: Denial?

John 18:12-27. Peter denies Jesus just as predicted. Once, twice, thrice.  I have always made this a story about Peter and, by extension, us. The commentary I was reading earlier today suggests otherwise. I am interested to hear any thoughts about the Bible reading for Sunday about the beginning of Jesus’ trial and Peter’s denial of Jesus just outside the “courtroom.”

Worship: Serve

John 13:1-35. It is early in the week (before Sunday worship on March 16) and I’m just beginning to take on the Bible reading, praying and thinking what message might be there for us at Saint James. My first impressions are of Jesus as servant, waiting on the disciples, and of Jesus telling the disciples (us included) that there is a new commandment: Love one another. I am never certain early in a week where the Bible will take us by Sunday but I offer these early thoughts. Comments are welcome!